How Can I Remove Scratches From My Car?

How can I remove scratches from my car?

How Can I Remove The Scratches From My Car? 

This is the common question we get when a new customer arrive at our shop. Of course we are inspecting the car wondering how the car was able to attract so many scratches. Our first thought is that the car has been washed with a dirty towel, followed by a quick car wash through the machine, or IT WAS BOUGHT LIKE THAT.

By now you have heard us mention our Gtechniq Ceramic Coating product line. This product line adds shine and protection to your paint, glass, wheels, and trim. However, you may not be familiar with the process in applying the Gtechniq products. We fully inspect the car for any major defects, then make a decision if the car needs a Paint Correction. If there are imperfections in the paint such as SCRATCHES and swirl marks, we would need to fix the imperfections before applying a protective coating.

What Is A Paint Correction? 

Many car owners think a paint correction is work done by a body shop because of the amount of scratches in the car paint. Or they just don’t know whether their car needs any correction services. We at iShine For You Auto Detailing are here to help educate owners on whats the best option for there vehicle. We will hand wash and dry the car, give the car a clay bar treatment, then inspect the car for any imperfections. We typically like to shine a light directly on the paint to expose any defects that maybe hidden. We will then use a buffer with compound to remove the scratches.

Paint Correction

Your car has many layers. Car manufacturers apply a sheet metal (Bare Metal), a primer coat, then actual paint, and a few layers of clear coat. Often times, owners find minor scratches in the clear coat. As mentioned above, this is due to poor washing techniques or automatic car washes. You can also determine your car paint imperfection by running your fingernail across a scratch. If the fingernail catches, your car will need to be wetsanded or painted based on the depth of the scratch. We are able to fix scratches beyond your clear coat, which will help you SAVE money.


The goal for us is to help you save money but also to give your car its Showroom SHINE back. This is where we also prevent the scratches from coming back by applying our Gtechniq Ceramic Coating product on your car to protect the car for 7 years GUARANTEED. So, if you are unsure if your car needs paint correction services, give us a call today, we will give a free estimate at your home, office, or at our location. We are happy to help and look forward in serving you soon.




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