How much Germs is in your Vehicle?


If individuals knew how much bacteria was in there vehicle, they might have second thoughts about driving it. Or, if they were knowledgeable about the germs left in the vehicle after a coffee spill, potato chips in between seats, candy in a car seat, and milk on the carpets. This will have the busy professional or mom clean the vehicle after each spill.

According to the article in Forbes, Dr Charles Serba discovered that  cars are littered with bacteria. From his discovery, the dashboard has the second highest number of bacteria, next to food spills. This was based on the results from the movement of air over the dashboard as air is drawn in from the dashboard, and bacteria maybe affecting the dashboard as the air is drawn into the air vents. This is also the warmest spot in the vehicle, with direct sunlight shining on the dashboard most of the day. Food spills carry the most because they do carry bacteria and should be removed immediately to prevent bacteria from growing.


Pet stains and smells are the worst in hot and humid temperatures. The smell gets into the dashboard, seats, headliner, and the air circulation system. Some will try to mask the smell with baking soda but this will only mask the smell and cause a bigger problem. As a professional detailer please don’t leave baking soda over a pet stain during the hot temperatures.



So what do you do in this case? Contact a professional like iShine For You Auto Detailing to clean the interior of your car. We will provide a FREE consultation and give your car the CLEANING/SHINE it needs.



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