Why Wheel Protection is Important

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour

Why cleaning your wheels on your vehicle is important? Just think your vehicle wheels takes a lot of abuse from the roads with dirt, asphalt debris, and those nasty pot holes. We also can’t forget about the brake dust that accumulates over time and if not cleaned can cause corrosion. We have the solution with our Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour.

Wheel Protection


Today there are many wheel sealants and coatings on the market today, but none has the long lasting durability as Gtechniqs Wheel Armour. Its not only good for rims but its good to use on metallic surfaces such as aluminum, chrome, stainless steel and even painted rims. It has the ability to even protect the engine parts and metallic bumpers.



iShine For You prepares the rims by washing the rim and tire to remove any dirt and grime from the rim.  Wheel Armour is then applied to the clean surface, so it can chemically bond to the metallic surface.

The chemical properties of Wheel Armor repel dirt and brake dust, while protecting the metal surface from road grime. As required, one application of Gtechniq’s Wheel Armor lasts up to 18 months or longer based on the clients maintenance of the vehicle.

NOTE: Stop in today for your FREE estimate or schedule your appointment today! 


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