Restoring Paint, Plastic and Trim

Paint Correction
We have seen over the years how some of the most important parts of detailing gets ignored. A few of those parts are the plastic and trim parts of your car. They are ignored because you figure they can’t be fixed or you just simply deal with the faded parts. Well there is a solution and we can help.
Just like the paint on your vehicle, the plastic and trim components do become faded, when they are not properly maintained.  In addition to looking unsightly, the plastic may end up drying out and cracking. The first step in fixing damaged paint, plastic, and trim, as seen on the hood of a Honda Accord in the above picture, is through a correction process.

Sun can oxidize paint, plastic, and trim. By properly cleaning the vehicle and using certain chemical dressings, it is possible to restore the look and sheen back to near-factory conditions. Some of these chemicals can be found at your local automotive store. However, we caution you to research the product and have it professionally applied.

Restoration Services

At iShine, we have experience in not only restoring paint, but in restoring headlights as well:
Headlight Restoration

We offer a service called “headlight restoration,” which is restoring your faded, yellowish headlights back to a new finish.  The layers of your vehicle’s headlights consist of faded or burned plastic. The majority of the time, the yellowish or faded plastic are on the top coat of the plastic, meaning the damage is not too far gone. iShine has the right expertise and tools to fix the headlights, plastic, trim, wheels and more of your vehicle.

After the trim, plastic or paint has been restored, you may consider applying a protective coating to avoid UV rays and future fading.

When considering adding a coating to your paint, plastic, or trim, consider iShine’s line of protective coating. Our Gtechniq  protective coating is:

  • Extremely durable      IMG_0912
  • Makes trim easy to clean
  • Easy to remove birddroppings
  • Super hydrophobic (water beads up!)
  • Swirl Resistant
  • Reduces hazing
  • Works for both interior and exterior components



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