A Injury?!?!…..a Dream was Discovered


Just imagine playing sports all your life without getting hurt. Yes you had the ankle sprains, busted knuckles, and suffered the cramps on the hot and humid summer days. Who would have ever thought an injury could be also a dream come true. Well it did for our CEO……

During the summer of 2015, our CEO was in the gym helping teenagers sharpen there basketball skills and trying to get in shape himself. It was a good day for the teenagers and our CEO as he would say, since he was making his usual long distance “3s” with out driving to the hoop.  Then all of a sudden on a 2 on 1 fast break, our CEO is the defensive man, and two teenagers are driving hard to the basket and one passes to the other, our CEO tries to go for the steal but misses the ball and falls on the ground onto his right shoulder. Immediately he thought his arm/shoulder was broken. He gets up puts his shirt on half way and head to  Patient First.

Doctors informed him he have a torn Rotator Cuff or Labrum. After several weeks of seeing doctors and physical therapy, he was finally having surgery. Doctors told him he would be out of work for 6-8 weeks and he would probably ever shoot basketball again. Surgery was conducted on the morning of  10/29/15. Remind you he has never had surgery, never been put to sleep, and had no idea how he would wake up after. He woke up in a sling, catheter in his neck which wears off 48 hours after surgery, and heavily medicated. Doctors told his wife surgery was a success and that he need to take it easy.

After surgery wife takes him home and orders two books written by T.D. Jakes one is “Instinct” and the other is “Destiny“. Since he would be home 6-8 weeks he needed something to do while he was home. He starts reading the book Destiny since he has read the many reviews and always been a fan of T.D.Jakes. He gets heavy into the book and cant put it down. Then he reads something that hit home “What if you died without living your lifes purpose” (paraphrased)?. This hit home because his first cousin died at the age of 33 who never got to full-fill her lifes purpose. He spent years searching for his purpose while working at the shipyard. Shipyard was a great place to start but not where he wanted to spend his entire career.

In December days  before New Years he wrote down his New Year goals. Didn’t call them resolution because they will go on all yearlong. There were many things written but there was one that was HUGE. On December 20,2015 he wrote down that he wanted to leave the shipyard by June 16, 2016, which marked his  8 year work anniversary.

On May 27, 2016  he left the shipyard to start his entrepreneurial journey. He was running a detailing van while working at the shipyard on evenings and weekends. Then on one evening after choir rehearsal his wife discovered what appeared to be a closed detailing business. The place was not advertised, it still had its sign up as if it was open, and the owner was waiting on someone to move into the space.

June 1st, 2016 iShine For You Auto Detailing was born in Williamsburg, Va. Since its inception many blessings have been pouring in. Our CEO will tell you this was not a easy process but it has been rewarding and fulfilling. He is around his passion everyday and love the clients he  interacts with on a daily basis. Some have even grown into friendships and mentors.  “The Injury” is what gotten him to this point. There is a story told by a lot of successful people how they had to go through something to get to a happy place in life. We love you all and keep following us as we keep you up to date on the great things we are doing in the detailing industry. Stay safe and be blessed.

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Articles written about us: Funding Sage , Greater Williamsburg Partnership , Radio Ad , and Hatch

-Kenya Williams, MBA



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