10 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Vehicle

1. Protect Your Investment
A vehicle is the 2nd most expensive item consumers will buy. The better condition of the vehicle, the higher resale or trade-in value, along with the fact that over the long term it will hold its appearance
2. Increase Gas Mileage
Cleaner the car, the less wind resistance, which equates to better gas mileage
3. Save Time and Money
Your time is valuable so dont waste it in the driveway, leave it with a professional who can wash it while you spend time with your family or take care of those chores
4. Protect yourself from Bacteria
You touch many things throughout the day, regular cleaning of your car’s interior can help keep bacteria away that accumulate on the steering wheel, console, gear shifts,etc Bacteria Cleaning

5. Visit a Experienced Detailer
You want your vehicle in the hands of someone you can trust, not someone who will just clean the vehicle and take your money. Put it in the hands of  iShine For You who will give you excellent service and who can educate you on the services performed on your vehicle

6. Safety
Washing regularly keeps windshields, mirrors, headlights, and signal lights clean which can help you see the road

7. Mood
Imagine how you feel getting in a “clean” vehicle vs a “dirty” vehicle. After a nice clean car your mood changes back to when you bought it brand new, that new look makes you feel good about your investment
8. Water Conservation
Save on your water bill at home by taking the vehicle to I Shine For You Auto Detailing where less water is used
9. You are what you drive
You heard the saying “people judge people by the kind of vehicle they have”, think about that dirty car that parks beside you or that dirty vehicle you see on the road
10. Improve Lighting
Part of proper detailing is to make sure headlights and taillights are clean and free of damage. Mild deposits of dirt and grime on your lights can cause large reductions of available light


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